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Manufacturers of specialist bespoke glazing, doors and hatches,

tailored to your requirements.

For over 50 years, Houdini Marine Windows Ltd have been designing and developing cutting-edge products, using state-of-the-art technology. Highly satisfied clients from many different industries have commissioned us to deliver innovative, quality and aesthetically stylistic windows and doors. We have produced successful glazing solutions for:

  • Commercial marine craft – fishing trawlers, patrol vessels, wind farm vessels, workboats, pilot boats, hovercraft, tugs, troop carriers

  • Passenger ferries

  • Luxury yachts

  • Narrow boats, canal boats, Dutch barges, launches

  • Mobile vehicles

  • Bird hides

  • Crane cabins

  • Oil rig drillers cabins

  • Clean rooms

  • Food sorting machines

Houdini CNC bending machine
Our CNC bending machine maximises accuracy, to stay within tolerance and create complex shapes.
Houdini 3D Design System
Skilled designers transform visions and requirements into reality
The latest 3D design technology is customised for our products.
The latest 3D design technology is customised for our products.
Houdini 3D Design Package

Significant investment was made in a 3D design drawing package that we customised to suit our product portfolio.  This allows us to enter window/door dimensions and automatically generate drawings for the factory, glass suppliers and customers who require cutting patterns.


Houdini are proud of our speciality in tailoring aluminium framed windows, doors and hatches to customers’ specific requirements.


We are famously renowned for our unique Houdini Super 50 Deck Hatch. Thanks to the distinctive aluminium bars protecting the glass, the Houdini hatch is instantly identifiable in most of the world’s marinas.

Looking for the right type of glass?

  • Toughened glass

  • Laminated toughened glass

  • Heat strengthened toughened glass

  • Screen printed toughened glass

  • Electrically heated glass

  • Bullet resistant glass

  • Reflective glass

  • Makrolon © / polycarbonate

  • Perspex

  • Curved toughened glass

We offer a complete range of glazing options in our windows and doors, including:

Stuart Curtis, Sales @ Houdini Marine Windows

Stuart Curtis


Charlie Stewart, Production @ Houdini Marine Windows

Charlie Stewart


       Whether you require a one-off piece of glazing or want to talk about a larger project, contact our friendly and dedicated team.

Houdini Team
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