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At Houdini Marine Windows, we offer high-quality deck hatches suitable for all types of vessels. You may be familiar with our companionway hatches, as the world renowned and instantly recognisable Houdini deck hatches have been in production for over fifty years!

More about our companionway deck hatches

The boat hatches we offer are robustly constructed using high-quality materials and are fitted with toughened glass. When compared to acrylic glazing, which is used in most deck hatches, toughened glass will not scratch as easily or suffer from UV degradation. With an abovedeck height of a mere 25 millimetres, our boat hatches are extremely streamlined and cause minimum obstruction on the deck. Our standard boat hatches are silver anodised, however frames can also be black or gold anodised. Moreover, they can be powder coated to a specific colour. All Houdini companionway hatches are CE marked for compliance with the ISO12216 standard.

Boat hatches

Model 4 (500mm x 370mm)

Hatch in silver satin finish

Houdini Boat Hatch

Model 3 (450mm x 320mm)

Mini Hatch in black powder coat finish

Hatches can be purchased from your local chandlery
Boat Hatch Houdini

Model 5 (500mm x 500mm) 

Super 50 Hatch in silver satin finish

Need a spare part?
See our 'spares' section

Customised deck hatches - in addition to our standard range shown above, we can build customised deck hatches to match existing apertures. Customised deck hatches can be made with radius or mitred corners and be trapezoidal, rectangular or square in shape.



The aluminium framed ‘Traditional Barge Hatch’ has been designed to encompass the latest design trends of maximising the glass area and minimising the visible frames. This frameless illusion is also possible for boat windows. The skylight hatch comes as a complete unit ready to be screwed or bolted down to the existing deck structure. These deck hatches are manufactured customised to customers’ individual sizes.

Electrically Opening Barge Hatch

A hatch with a remote controlled electric opener

The ‘Traditional Barge Hatch’ has been fitted with a remote controlled electric opener, offering a range of openings from 0 to 400 millimetres. This is done due to the common problem of hatches being fitted well above head height and also due to the issues with opening

these heavy boat hatches. This system makes it easy to adjust for almost permanent ventilation of the barge. In the event that the hatch needs to be fully opened for easy access or large items of furniture, a ‘fast pin’ can easily be removed to allow the hatch to be fully opened manually.

Remote control for barge hatch
Electrically Opening Barge Hatch

It is easy to replace broken glass on this hatch

The hatch is fitted with double glazed units to minimize condensation and can easily be replaced at a future date without any costly requirements of removing the hatch from the boat. That is the benefit of buying high-quality companionway hatches at your boat window manufacturer Houdini Marine Windows!

Click the video to see the smooth operation.
Electrical opening up to 400mm, removal of 'fast pins' allow full access.

Get in touch with us for more information

We offer the high-quality companionway hatches you need for your vessel(s). Are you interested in one of the products from our standard range? Get in touch with us via +44 (0) 1621 773590 or for more information or to directly place your order. If you would like us to create customised deck hatches, please provide us with all the required specifications by also calling or e-mailing our office in Southminster, Essex. In the meantime, you can check out the gallery with our previous work.

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