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In conjunction with our Dutch partners, we have developed new fold down boat windscreens. Houdini Marine Windows is the first company to offer a unique option to double glaze a windscreen to stop the misting of the screen panels. The system of these boat windscreens has been designed to incorporate future easy remove of failed double glazed units, without the need to dismantle the screen. That is another first!

Windscreen Diagram

The benefits of our boat windscreens

Our boat windscreens offer the provision to securely fasten the canopy studs into the screen using a solid aluminium block. The use of a rubber top rail stops chafing the canopy, where it bends around the top rail. Moreover, the rubber extrusion between each panel stops the screen panels ‘chattering’ together when the engine is running. The stainless steel hinges are custom-designed and built to be almost invisible. They can be configured to either lift off or be permanently hinged, to allow easy operation of lowering the screen for safe passage under bridges. The screen panels of our boat windscreens are jointed together with aluminium cover plates and quick release catches, so the operation of lowering the screen is both quick and straightforward.


  • The screens are fitted with either 6 millimetres toughened glass or 20 millimetres double glazed units.

  • Easy installation.

  • The top rails feature an aluminium bar for permanent fixing of canopy fastenings.

  • Easy removal of glazing for repair or replacement.

  • Fitted with special stainless steel concealed lift-off hinges.

  • The rubber capping stops noisy vibration.

  • Only available as flat panel screens.

The windscreen can be easily hinged down or panels removed if necessary.
Double glazing stops misting.
Rubber between the panels stops 'chattering' noise whilst engine is running.
Almost invisible hinges can be either lift off or permanently hinged.
Quick release catches simplify lowering of the screen for bridges


  • Single or double glazed.

  • Windscreen wipers can be fitted.

  • Handrails can be fitted of the top of the screen (subject to panel size).

  • Cables for lighting or wiring can be run inside the frame.

  • Screen panels can be made to hinge down flat for ridge clearance.

  • Screen panels can be made removable.

Windscreen cross sections

Discuss your requirements with us

As seen, our boat windscreens have many high-quality features that benefit your operations. There are also many options available to make the windscreens fit your requirements completely. Please get in touch with our office in Southminster, Essex, by calling +44 (0) 1621 773590 or sending an e-mail to and discuss your requirements with us. We happily design and manufacture the exact product you are looking for. This also counts for our heavy- and light-duty doors and windows such as thermal break windows.

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