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Thermal break boat windows

At Houdini Marine Windows, we manufacture thermal break boat windows for your narrowboat or canal boat. This type of window offers many benefits, especially in narrow vessels where there is a real struggle of condensation. Are you curious to find out all the benefits of thermal break windows for your narrowboat or canal boat? We happily tell you all about it.

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Why it is best to opt for thermal break boat windows

As with all vessels, there are many different windows and frames to choose from for your canal boat or narrowboat. We happily tell you why it is best to opt for thermal break boat windows in your situation. When you choose for a thermal break in your boat windows, less heat can be transferred between the inside and outside of the frame. This leads to reduced condensation and heat loss. This also works the other way, so cold is also conducted slower. The same counts for noise. So, in short, the main benefit of thermal break boat windows in your canal boat or narrowboat is the year-round comfort. Thanks to the fact that condensation is reduced, you will also experience more light in your cabin than you are used to!

Contact us to discuss your wishes and requirements

If you finally want to get rid of the struggle of condensation in your narrowboat or canal boat, we suggest you opt for thermal break boat windows. Every boat owner wants to experience as much comfort as possible, right? As renowned boat window manufacturer, we happily manufacture bespoke thermal break windows for your vessel. We understand that you want to receive more information beforehand, that is why you can download our brochure or contact our office in Southminster, Essex. To do so, please call +44 (0) 1621 773590 or send an e-mail to

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