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If you require a replacement seal or fitting, please contact us.


As boats age, rubber window seals deteriorate. If there is a leak around the opening of your hatch, then you can buy a replacement seal. However, if the leak is between the glass and the frame, this seal cannot be replaced as the glass is sprung into the frame during the manufacturing process.


Our hatch seal will only fit Houdini hatches.  Identifying features are ‘Houdini’ on the hinge or the glass logo.  Very old hatches, particularly those with a slam bar will show ‘Essex Aluminium’.  To ensure it is a Houdini hatch, please email a photograph of your hatch to us.

Houdini Hatch Seal Cross Section
Houdini Hatch Seal


Houdini Hatch Handles
Hatch Handles
(silver or matt black)
Houdini Hatch Hinges
Hatch Hinges
Houdini Adjustable Stay Arms
Hatch Prop Arm Kit
Houdini Hatch Prop Arm Kit
Hatch Adjustable Stay Arms
Houdini Silicon for Sealing Windows & Hatches
Tooling Block when Siliconing Windows & Hatches
Tooling Block
M5 Slotted Interscrew, 6mm & 10mm
M5 Slotted Interscrew
(stainless steel,
6mm & 10mm lengths)
M5 Stainless Steel Machine Screws
M5 Machine Screws
(A2 stainless steel)
6mm & 8mm Houdini Screwdown
6mm & 8mm Screwdown
6mm & 8mm Houdini Screwdown & Fingerpull
6mm & 8mm
Screwdown & Fingerpull
Houdini Hopper Window Catch
Hopper Catch
Bridge Handle
Bridge Handle
Window Slam Lock
Slam Lock
Heavy Duty Door Holdback
Heavy Duty Door Holdback
Sliding Door Stop - Long
Sliding Door Stop - Long
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