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Frameless-Illusion Boat Windows

Improve the aesthetic of your boat with our Frameless-Illusion boat windows. This recent addition to our large range of windows has many advantages. The primary one is the ability to give an existing vessel a modern look without requiring costly changes to the structure. There are other advantages that the Frameless-Illusion system gives the customer, read further to discover all about this exciting new Houdini Marine Windows product.

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The benefits of our frameless boat windows with or without heated glass

Our frameless boat windows, with or without heated glass, are very easy and quick to install, as they incorporate our tried and tested clamp frame fitting, which attaches them to the structure. This means no structure modifications are required to create a glass recess. The glass is bonded to the frame during the manufacturing process and a rigid gasket around the glass edge protects it from damage. You do not need large quantities of sealant adhesives around the edge of the glass and are ensured of a neat finish every time. If the window is ever damaged, the gasket can easily be removed to allow for a quick replacement. These benefits of easy installation coupled with the aesthetic appearance give your boat a complete modern facelift, with the minimum of hassle. If you opt for double glazed or heated glass in your Frameless-Illusion boat windows, there is one more important benefit; the opportunity for condensation is virtually eliminated!

Get in touch with us to place your order

Are you interested in our Frameless-Illusion boat windows, with or without heated glass? Would you like to learn more about why these windows are quicker, easier and cheaper to fit than bonded windows? Then download our brochure or get in touch with our office in Southminster, Essex, by calling +44 (0) 1621 773590 or e-mailing We will happily provide you with more information about our high-quality windows, windscreens, doors and hatches manufactured to fit your requirements.

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